Christian Formation: Family Life
with LeeAnne Steenhoek

Summer at First

Nursery – The Nursery is closed for the summer. Please join our 9AM family worship.

Summer Worship for Families – Worship bags containing activities and a children’s bulletin are available at the welcome center for children to enjoy while in the sanctuary with their family.

Horton Center Family Weekend: August 26-28 – Save the date! Horton Center Family Weekend: August 26-28-Register today! Have you worshiped on Chapel Rock or caught a falling star on Pinkham Ledge? God’s children of all ages are welcome! Some of our tightest bonds of Christian Fellowship are formed in outdoor ministry. Creation is God’s first Bible-let’s explore together. Hiking, campfire story-telling and singing are all punctuated by guided devotion opportunities and Sunday morning worship with Communion. Cost is $75/per person for food and rustic lodging with a cap of $200 per family. Scholarships are available. Please contact LeeAnne for details.

Dream Jars – Create a Dream Jar for yourself and your family. What is a Dream Jar? A Dream Jar is a jar (try a cookie jar or mason jar) filled with possibilities made by you, for yourself and your family. Directions are available at the welcome center and at the Christian Formation table in
Fellowship Hall. Include your favorite things to make, do and share together with God. Write them on pieces of paper and put them in the jar. You may decorate the jar, too. The jar pictured below was decorated with with Wikki Stix.Please send pictures of your adventures in an email to [email protected].