Christian Formation: Family Life
with LeeAnne Steenhoek

Summer at First

Nursery – The Nursery is closed for the summer. Please join our 9AM family worship.

Worship Bags: Please find worship bags at the welcome center to enrich your worship experience with coloring, Wikki Sticks and some *warm fuzzies. *Warm fuzzies are a day-brightener to give and receive. Please take some and keep one in your pocket to remember that God loves you or give one to someone special so they know that you love them or God loves them. Please RETURN THIS WORSHIP BAG so we can restock it with fresh supplies for the next worshipper. Pray: Do you have a prayer request? Use the prayer paper provided. Whew! Say that 5 times fast! It’s a lot like Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Oh, how we love to play with sound. Please place it in the offering plate with Attention to LeeAnne.22, 2022-

Vacation Bible School VBS: Doing something NEW! WHO DO YOU SAY I AM? Investigating the Mystery of Jesus A Vacation Bible School Curriculum, This Little Light Ministries Copyright 2021
Calling all questers and questioners to help with DETECTIVE WORK for VBS at First Church Nashua. Come explore 5 of Jesus’s “I am”statements from the Gospel of John. Curious to learn more about Jesus?
Let’s gather clues and decipher the words and phrases Jesus offers to describe himself. These program activities are STREAM-based (Science, Technology, wRiting, Engineering, Art, and Math), mission
projects, and movement. Each day we’ll begin and end at AGENCY HEADQUARTERS to receive your Top Secret file folder as well as your I.D. badge.
Registration is open to Families & members of the First Church, Register your child today! You can register online or at the Welcome Center.

Be sure to sign up to sign up at the Welcome Center to volunteer, Youth Group through adults! Contact LeeAnne and join in the fun. Volunteers always have as much fun during VBS as the children!

Horton Center Family Weekend: August 26-28 – Save the date! Horton Center Family Weekend: August 26-28-Register today! Have you worshiped on Chapel Rock or caught a falling star on
Pinkham Ledge? God’s children of all ages are welcome! Some of our tightest bonds of Christian Fellowship are formed in outdoor ministry.Creation is God’s first Bible-let’s explore together. Hiking, campfire
story-telling and singing are all punctuated by guided devotion opportunities and Sunday morning worship with Communion. Cost is $75/per person for food and rustic lodging with a cap of $200 per
family. Scholarships are available. Please reach out to LeeAnne for details.