Foundations in Christian Formation
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with LeeAnne
May 7, 2021

Confirmation Class: Sunday, May 16th
Senior Recognition Day
: Mother’s Day, May 9th
Confirmation Day
 is May 23, 2021

First Church Scholarships are awarded on Sunday, June 13th.

VBS SAVE THE DATE: JULY 26-30th– Calling All Volunteers! Contact LeeAnne to let her know you’re available, or for more information!

Confirmation Retreat is October 1-3 at Horton Center 2021.  Both classes of Confirmands and mentors from 2021 and 2022 please register today for this invaluable experience.

New Confirmation Class of 2022 – All current 8th graders and their parents are encouraged to join us on Sunday, June 6 at 11:30 AM to learn about the confirmation program that will begin this coming fall for high school freshmen.

Parent to Parent Tot to Teen: June 3 at 8pm.  Email LeeAnne for the link to join!

Lamb of God Storytime and activity June 13 for families with young children in our courtyard at 11:30.  There is no expectation that you go to worship before our family time.  There are spots for 6 families in our courtyard.  Sign up today!

River Walk with God Thursdays from 6-8pm May 13, 20, 27 & June 10,17, 24. 6 Sessions: spiritual practices grow us in our spiritual journey in this 6-session Series for mature 12’s-adults.  We will learn to think about how God works in our lives and do spiritual practices such as labyrinths, letters to and from God, responding to God’s word through art and percussion.  Each session stands on its own but more than one session or the entire series is best.

The Holy Spirit is our constant companion as we navigate life’s journey.  Our parents, siblings, friends and children have important roles and we would not understand ourselves without them. God is always with us no matter what.  Imagine your life as a river with bubbly currents, still spaces, rapids, dams and bends in the path-even waterfalls.  Working together we will craft our “river-stories”, work with sacred texts and grow deeper in our journey together with God.
Sign up today!

New Things at Horton Center:  Join Deans Rev. Rob Grabil and LeeAnne Steenhoek as well as FCN counselors Abby Adaszcik and Genevieve Steenhoek.  Caroline Steenhoek and the rest of the outstanding staff will be waiting for us on the mountain for New Things July 11-17th

Horton Center offers exciting programming all summer long.
Please see 
Hortoncenter.org for important details and registration.

Horton Center Family Weekend: SAVE THE DATE: August 27-29.  We’re anticipating starry nights, campfires and music on the mountain.  Word is there’s a choice BBQ traditionally on Pine Mountain.  Sign up coming soon!

Noah’s Story and “Where in the church is Ms. Holly?”-it’s a game!
Noah’s Story with Ms. Holly: First and Second-graders, teachers and children of all ages-even decades, treat yourself to a visit to the classroom, the story of Noah’s Ark and some lessons and letters with Ms. Holly.

Check out our first “Where in the Church?” with Ms. Holly. Ms.Holly says, “Where am I in the church? You can join me. Where will I be next time? There’s upstairs, downstairs, there’s all sorts of places. Until next time…(this part’s a surprise so you have to watch if you want to know)…Remember you are special to all of us, God loves you! And have a good day friends.”
Please write to Ms. Holly and Ms. LeeAnne and let us know how you’re doing and what questions you’d like Ms. Holly to share in her next episode of “Where in the Church is Ms. Holly?”