Today in the Sunday School, November 21st, 2021

Christian Formation Corner

Today is Reign of Christ Sunday, the 26th Sunday after Pentecost and the liturgical color is white or green.
Christian Formation thrives on the volunteer support of our Board, teachers, assistants and nursery care workers.  We provide Christian education and nurture with your help.

The Lord is good.  His faithful love continues forever.  It will last for all time to come.  Psalm 100:5


The church nursery opens at 9:45 AM to care for children (infants through age 2) during the 10:00AM worship service.  Nursery coordinators are on hand to greet parents and explain the procedure for checking in and picking up your child.


  • Students, Teachers and Assistants meet in the sanctuary for the Children’s Message
  • Worship continues in Shaw Capel to worship and prepare for our Christmas Pageant December 12th.
  • Preschool, K and grades 1&2 are learning about Moses and the Exodus.
  • Grades 3&4, 5&6 are learning about Mary and Joseph.
  • MAD Make a Difference teens are receiving postcards of gratitude from our college young people for their Halloween Candy and Reading Change Sings by Amanda Gorman.


  • Confirmands and Mentors are meeting weekly to complete The Interview. A written Reflection of The Interview and presentation of Mentors and Confirmands due January 9th.
  • Confirmation Class November 21st is on Creator God taught by Rev. Andy Armstrong. Confirmands are to bring something they’ve made to class Project Proposals due to Pat Harris and Fred Daniels.
  • Confirmation Class December 5 is a Mentor’s Lunch with Mentors providing lunch. The lesson is on the Birth of Jesus and is taught by Pat Harris.
  • First Church Christmas Pageant is December 12th during our 10:00 Service.


Sunday school is dismissed at 11:15 AM.  Parents, please enjoy a cup of coffee and some fellowship in Fellowship Hall and allow the teachers to finish their lessons.  Thank you!


  • Director: Steve Blunt
  • Musical Director: Rebecca Crivello
  • Costume Director: Karen Hayden