Sunday School Registration & Youth Music (Joyful Noise, Chapel Chimers and Jubellation)

If you are new to First Church, you will find Sunday school registration forms online, at the Christian Formation Center, Welcome Desk or by calling the church office, (603)882-4861.

JUBELLATION RE-STARTS for 4th to 8th grade beginning October 2nd.

Rhonda O’Keefe will be leading a re-start of our children’s hand bell ministry, which meets on Sunday mornings at 11:30-12:00PM starting October 2.

Open to all youth Grades 4 through 8.  Whether as a continuation from Chapel Chimers, or joining the music ministry at a later date, this bell choir is open to all children in Grades 4 through 8. Music-reading and rhythmic skills are developed and techniques in handbell ringing round out the musical experience in this beginning-levelbell choir. Jubellation meets at 11:20AM in the Balcom  Room. This bell choir offers those who are interested in instrumental music, the chance to be part of Music at First.

Jubellation Rehearsals    Jubellation in Worship

CHAPEL CHIMERS -Sign up today!

Open to all children from Pre K through Grade 2, this ensemble offers choir chimes– which are hand-held rectangular “bells.” The Chapel Chimers enjoy accompanying themselves while singing various songs from Christian vocal repertoire. There is no music-reading involved, as they play (and sing) on cue from the ensemble’s director, Rebecca Crivello. In addition to being a lot of fun, the children develop other skills such as rhythm, basic vocal techniques, and working together.

Chapel Chimers meets regularly on Sundays (October through May) at 9:15 AM – 9:45AM in the Chapel, prior to Sunday School and 10 AM Worship. Registration for this ensemble begins on Rally Day in September. The 2022-2023 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Chapel Chimers Rehearsals   Chapel Chimers in Worship


Open to all children from Grades 3 through 7, this ensemble offers a quality choral experience through the leadership of Rebecca Crivello. This ensemble is the perfect setting to learn singing in a supportive group setting, and develop music and performance skills which enhance overall general education. The choir participates in worship at regular intervals, often in cooperation with the Christian Education ministry.

Joyful Noise meets regularly on Sunday Mornings (October through May) at 11:20AM-12PM in the ChapelRegistration for this ensemble is by calling the church office at (603)882-4861. The 2021-2022 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Joyful Noise Rehearsals   Joyful Noise in Worship

Sunday School Schedule

Sunday school classes for children age 3-grade 8 meet each Sunday from 10AM- 11:15AM, September 11th through June 12th. Our Sunday School is closed from December 18-January 1, Easter Sunday and Memorial Day weekend.

  • Children in Grade 2 and under are dismissed when a parent picks them up at their classrooms.
  • Children in Grades 3-8 should know exactly where to meet their parents after class.
  • Worship ends before 11:15, please enjoy coffee and fellowship before coming to the Walker Building so that classes are not disturbed.

After 11:15 AM

  • If parents are unavoidably delayed after worship, teachers may bring children to the Sunday school office. If your children are not in the classroom, come to the Pat Harris, Christian Education Office on the second floor of the Walker Building.
  • If you know you will be late, please arrange for another responsible adult to meet your child and let the teacher know who that person is.

Sunday School for Age 3 through Grade 2

The younger Sunday school classes work with an innovative curriculum called Worship Center.  Worship Center is a Montessori-derived program of worship and Bible stories that encourages children to explore their faith and Grow with God at their own pace.  Each room is a worship center that children learn to cherish and recognize as sacred.  Over time, they not only learn the stories of the Bible, but also the rhythm and meaning of worship.  The children have worship in their rooms.  They have music, stories, offering, prayer and snack (called “feast”) in their worship center.  On the first and third Sundays of each month, they spend some of their class time in the Shaw Chapel singing with Steve Blunt.

Parents are encouraged to be involved by signing up to be the “Parent of the Day” who provides a simple snack and drink and helps in the class that one day.  Each child has a turn to be the “Child of the Day” when parents are “Parent of the Day”.  Look for sign-up sheets outside of each room.  By taking your turn two or three times throughout the year, you will learn more about this program.  Grandparents, aunts or uncles can also be Parent of the Day.

Sunday School for Grades 3-5

Students and teachers in grades 3-5 use the Chronicle Curriculum.  Chronicle follows a 3-year cycle through the Bible, with an emphasis on learning to read, interpret and understand the Bible.  Some of the Bible lessons for the 2022-2023 include Bible Heroes, Faith in Action and the Miracles of Jesus.

Pretzel Sunday: March 12, 2023 Save the Date!
The Sunday School students will be making pretzels on Sunday, March 12, 2023.



Youth Group-Make A Difference (MAD)Grades 7&8

Sunday school for grades 7-8 is planned as a pre-confirmation experience, providing a format to discuss and act upon lessons learned in Sunday School as well as time to prepare for the intensive confirmation class. Make a Difference focuses on mission and service to one another, with intentional reflection on Christian service.  Activities include apple picking, projects for the Front Door Agency and the Nashua Soup Kitchen.  The class may create a mission based on current events.

  • Make a Difference meets during the regular Sunday school time each Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month when they remain in church for communion.

Apple Picking: Sunday, September 18th during the 10AM Worship Service.
MAD Makes Apple Crisp in the dining room – Saturday, September 24th
Hot Apple Crisp Sales:  September 25! The MAKE A DIFFERENCE Youth group will be selling freshly made (in our kitchen) apple crisp on September 25th following the 10AM worship service.

On October 23th, the Make a Difference service group will pack and mail Halloween care packages to all young people who have gone away to college, the Armed Forces, an International Exchange program or work.  We minister to those who need Tender Loving Care TLC.

Send in Those New College and new Graduate Addresses

The Christian Education Board likes to keep in touch with First Church young people who have gone away to college or are newly independent in the Armed Service, an International Exchange Program or other work.  Please call the church office with any change of address for your children.

Remember!  Packages need an address; you MUST call or email your graduate or college student’s address before each mailing in October and February.

SENIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP – The First Church has an active Senior High fellowship group and a team of energetic, caring, well-trained adults from the congregation.  Fellowship, worship, outreach, and educational activities and programs are designed to encourage the development and deepen connections between youth and God, one another, adults and children in the congregation and the world around them.

CONFIRMATION- is a year-long program for those in grade nine and over who wish to explore their faith, learn more about God, the Bible the church and Christian traditions; and become full members of First Church.  The group meets in the Fireside Room from 11:40AM-1:00PM on one or two Sundays each month.

Activity Dates and Missions For First Church Youth and Family

  • Water Walk September 10th from 8:30AM-12PM at Greeley Park
  • Rally Day is September 11th
  • Youth choir & bell choirs sign ups begin September 11th
  • Crop Hunger Walk October 30th
  • Christmas Pageant December  11th
  • Youth Sunday March 26th
  • Senior Recognition Sunday May 8th
  • Children’s Day is June 4th

Intergenerational Worship, Programs and Missions are encouraged at First Church.  While youth are encouraged to participate in programs specifically designed for them, our greatest hope is that our youth will join with their families and friends in participating in church-wide worship, missions and fellowship events.

We encourage all youth:

  • to serve in our Christian Formation programs by assisting teachers in our children’s classes, work in the nursery, and lead Vacation Bible School activities.
  • to join or assist with our choirs and various musical ensembles.

Once Confirmed, we encourage youth to teach Sunday School, join and serve First Church’s various boards, committees and ministry teams.