Check out all that’s happening in Christian Formation during Lent 2021.

Parent to Parent, Tot to Teen: Meets on Thursday, March 4 at 8pm. Contact LeeAnne for the link to join.

Confirmation:  Our next class is March 6th.  Come to worship Sundays if you are able to attend.  We will be assembling Resurrection Gardens and kits for families to create their own gardens Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14.  We will determine best times during our class March 6th as well as our distribution plan.

Reflections on the Heart, an illustrated LENT for Families by Illustrated Ministry is available as a digital download.  This is Christian Formation’s devotions for families this Lenten season but all ages are encouraged to partake.  Please read this excerpt from the introduction:

Each Sunday in Lent has devotions written for all ages with appropriate questions and topics for your children no matter what the age.  You do not need to do all the activities to have a meaningful experience.  Each devotion consists of the following elements:

  1. Scripture: selected from the Gospel concerning treasures and matters of the heart.
  2. Reflection: a brief reflection is offered for each of the scripture texts.  It might make sense for you to read this section to your family, or you may want to read it for yourself and see what questions or themes will resonate best for your family.
  3. Discussion and coloring page:  This is a chance for some family conversation.  Since we love coloring here at Illustrated Ministry, we find some of the best conversations often happen while coloring and doing something creative together.  We suggest discussing the questions offered (tied to scripture and activity) while coloring the week’s coloring page.
Please email Sue Englander or LeeAnne for the link to download your copy. Printed copies are available in the church office and at the Welcome Center Sunday mornings.
Please ring the office so we can prepare to have your copy ready.