June 9, 2021

Greetings, Members and Friends of The First Church!

It is with great pleasure that your Ministers and Staff, in accordance with recommendations from Safe Church, provide you with the following updates to our Covid-19 and longer-term protocols, effective immediately:

MASK USE is now optional for all worship services and ministry activities at the church. Continued use of masks is a personal choice, and welcome for anyone wishing to do so.*

In addition to continued use of the COURTYARD ENTRANCE, the LOWER LINK (South) will be open on Sundays as entry points available both on North and South sides of the building. Updated signage on all doors will reflect this.

CONTACT-TRACING is no longer in effect for worship services. June 13 services continue at 8:30AM and 10:00AM. On June 20, we transition to one service at 9AM through Labor Day.

The POSTLUDE will continue as part of closing our corporate worship. The congregation will remain seated, allowing our Live Stream and Radio broadcast for our at-home listeners, as a closing meditation.

USHER-GUIDED exiting of the Sanctuary is suspended and a GENERAL EXIT after the Postlude is now possible through all doors off the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and the Link. Please proceed directly outside for any gathering in Fellowship.

Outdoor LEMONADE FELLOWSHIP will begin weekly (weather-permitting) in the Courtyard (in between new and old buildings on the parking lot side) following the single Summer 9AM service on Father’s Day and continuing through Labor Day weekend.

The THRIFT SHOP will re-open on Thursday, June 17 & Thursday, June 24.

OUTSIDE GROUP USE of the church will resume in JULY.

The CHURCH OFFICE fully re-opens to the public for its summer hours in JULY.

Newly OPEN WINDOWS in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall for the summer months will increase airflow and comfort in attending worship services. The Balcony will remain closed for the Father’s Day through Labor Day period.

We thank everyone for their patience and support in these unusual times, and look forward to seeing you back in community with YOUR church, The First Church of Nashua. – God Bless!

*The Nashua Board of Health continues to recommend that anyone who is unvaccinated continue to wear a mask “for their own protection and that of others that are fully vaccinated.”