Lectio Divina (Latin for holy or sacred reading) is a contemplative way of reading scripture that brings God’s Word alive because it’s reading the Bible with your heart!  This spiritual practice began with religious monks reading scripture in seclusion over 500 years ago, something we’re all practicing right now, seclusion that is.  Take your time working through the four steps*.  You can do this with any scripture reading, long or short.  I’ve selected some and printed them out for you to use in Shaw Chapel and to take home, along with this.  God bless you.  And thank you for your prayers.

 The Four R’s of Lectio Divina

  1. READ the scripture, read it a couple of times, read it aloud. Pray the Holy Spirit will grant you insight as you proceed.
  2. REFLECT (meditate) on the scripture reading in your heart. Ask yourself what it means to you personally.
  3. RESPOND to God. What do you want to say to God about what came up for you in your reflection?
  4. REST in stillness, pondering what God may be calling you to do in response to your insights and contemplations.

*This is your personal decision.  In group practice we take about five minutes for each step.  Take notes on the back of this paper.  You’ll be surprised by what may come to you.  God is with you.  You are not alone.


An example of Practicing Lectio Divina


Scripture for Lectio Divina