Music at First provides an opportunity for individuals to worship God through the wonder and mystery of music, using one’s God-given talent in joyful and reverent praise, while enjoying fellowship with other choir members in serving the greater congregation of The First Church.

The music ministry’s purpose is to inspire, teach, challenge and further the cause of quality music across a wide array of genres and styles. Through the different facets of the music ministry, the program encourages the church’s congregants and the ministry’s participants to explore and find the right place for them, where they can enhance their own worship experience and that of others, through the joy of music. All choirs are open to both members of The First Church and the wider Nashua Community.

In addition to this active “inreach” ministry, The First Church also hosts music “outreach” through its ambitious First Music Concert Series. (Both recognized by New Hampshire Magazine, as “Best of NH 2012 & 2017 for free classical music”)


Please see our calendar for the First Music Concert Series!

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Choirs in Worship

Summer Music Schedule 2024

Concert Series

FIRST MUSIC celebrates the musical diversity of the Gate City, and the rich musical heritage found at The First Church of Nashua. Artists from across the United States and Canada bring their musical talents to FIRST MUSIC in a wide variety of literature.

Our 16th Anniversary season offers four Sunday afternoon concerts, two Friday chapel organ mediation programs and one collaborative music offering within Sunday morning worship services.

ALL 7 programs are free admission through the philanthropy of the FRIENDS OF FIRST MUSIC with our opening concert sponsored by Edward and Suzanne Boyd. Our Series is now open to ALL, without ticket or free-will offerings! We hope this will inspire you even more to come and see what FIRST MUSIC is all about: Bringing the Joy of Music to the Gate City.


First Music Concerts 2023-2024 Season Preview

Past Seasons Concerts


Please check our calendar for Upcoming Concert Series!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Adult Ensembles

Click below to learn more about the different adult ensembles.

Chancel Choir

This is the anchor choir of the music ministry, and the longest serving music ensemble in the history of the church. It is open to all that enjoy music-reading and singing quality SATB literature from the 18th through 20th century. Chancel Choir participates regularly in Sunday Worship, and  presents a full oratorio/choral work each Christmas season (3rd Sunday in Advent), changing its repertory each year. 

Chancel Choir meets regularly on Wednesdays (Sept. through beginning of June) at 6:45 – 8:30 PM for rehearsal. The 2023-2024 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Chancel Choir Rehearsals 23-24   Chancel Choir in Worship 23-24

Decibells (Bell Choir)

This advanced-level bell choir (10th grade to adult) is dedicated to quality handbell literature and the advancement of bell techniques in the art of English handbell ringing. Interest in bell ringing, note reading in treble and/or bass clef, and a certain proficiency maintained through regular rehearsals is key to the bell-ringing experience. The ensemble participates regularly in worship.

Decibells meets regularly on Thursdays (Sept. through May) at 7:00 PM for rehearsal. The 2023-2024 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Decibells Rehearsals   Decibells in Worship

First Folk

This choir provides an additional facet of Music at First, concentrating its repertoire choices on mid 20th to early 21st century contemporary Christian SATB choral repertoire. Its membership is a cross-section of the church community that enjoys singing, and is the perfect ensemble for those looking for fellowship in music without the heavier worship commitment of other choirs; First Folk participates in worship regularly.

First Folk meets on a flexible rehearsal schedule, on Tuesdays (Sept. through May) at 6:00 PM. The 2023-2024. Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

First Folk Rehearsals    First Folk in Worship

Seasonal Ensembles

Click below to learn more about the different seasonal ensembles.

First Church Choral Union

The First Church Choral Union began in 2009, as an opportunity to unify the vocal resources of all youth and adult choirs in the church community. Since 2010, this project has supported the liturgy on Confirmation Sunday. It is fitting to have a multi-generational choral ensemble lead music in worship on such a Sunday, and offer an exciting chance for all youth and adult vocal choirs to unite into one voice, on an annual basis.

Men’s Choir

This choir has been the traditional choral ensemble for the Sunday worship service on Father’s Day. Generally first coming into session several weeks before participating in worship. Concentrating on classical 4-part (TTBB) choral literature, it draws its members from all parts of the First Church congregation.

All-Church Choir

Open to anyone in Grade 7 through adult, this project offers a meaningful chance to work within the music ministry without the long-term commitment of a regular choir.
This choir is on hiatus inthe 2023-2024 season.

Youth & Children Ensembles

Click below to learn more about the different youth & children ensembles.

Chapel Chimers

Open to all children from Pre K through Grade 2, this ensemble offers choir chimes– which are hand-held rectangular “bells.” The Chapel Chimers enjoy accompanying themselves while singing various songs from Christian vocal repertoire. There is no music-reading involved, as they play (and sing) on cue from the ensemble’s director, Rebecca Crivello. In addition to being a lot of fun, the children develop other skills such as rhythm, basic vocal techniques, and working together.

Chapel Chimers meets regularly on Sundays (October through early June) at 9:15 AM9:45AM in the Chapel, prior to Sunday School and 10 AM Worship. Registration for this ensemble begins on Rally Day in September. The 2023-2024 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Chapel Chimers Rehearsals   Chapel Chimers in Worship

First Schola

This ensemble for female youth in Grades 8 through 12, offers development of solid vocal techniques and quality choral repertoire drawn from Sacred music literature. The choir is trained as an advanced youth vocal ensemble: the word Schola coming from Latin, literally meaning “school.” Experience in other choirs or other music education sources will certainly enhance the experience. All youth are welcome,  whether continuing on from Joyful Noise or joining the music ministry first at this level.

First Schola participates in the 7:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship Service and in Sunday Worship several times a year. A strong youth (and parental) commitment to this ensemble is key to its success.

First Schola meets regularly on Tuesdays (November through Mid May) at 6:00 PM for rehearsal. The 2022-2023 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

First Schola Rehearsals     First Schola in Worship

Joyful Noise

Open to all children from Grades 3 through 7, this ensemble offers a quality choral experience through the leadership of Rebecca Crivello. This ensemble is the perfect setting to learn singing in a supportive group setting, and develop music and performance skills which enhance overall general education. The choir participates in worship at regular intervals, often in cooperation with the Christian Education ministry.

Joyful Noise meets regularly on Sunday Mornings (October through May) at 11:20AM-12PM in the Chapel. Registration for this ensemble is by calling the church office at (603)882-4861. The 2023-2024 Worship and Rehearsal schedule is available by clicking on the links.

Joyful Noise Rehearsals   Joyful Noise in Worship

Jubellation (Bell Choir)

Whether as a continuation from Chapel Chimers, or joining the music ministry at a later date, this bell choir is open to all children in Grades 4 through 8. Music-reading and rhythmic skills are developed and techniques in handbell ringing round out the musical experience in this beginning-levelbell choir. Jubellation meets at 11:20AM in the Balcom Room.This bell choir offers those who are interested in instrumental music, the chance to be part of Music at First.

Jubellation Rehearsals    Jubellation in Worship


An Expression of Christian Faith in Song

Hymnody– the practice of singing hymns- is the foundation for all music at The First Church. Whether accompanied by the Anderson Memorial Organ, or sung a cappella (unaccompanied) in smaller worship services: hymnody is integral to the long-standing tradition of strong congregational participation in our worship experience.

The body of hymns produced for the modern Congregational tradition date as far back as chant-tunes from the early Christian church, through post-Reformation hymn influences from Germany, France and England; to more contemporary American contributions in the 19th through early 21st century.

The First Church music ministry and its congregation are proud to continue use of The Pilgrim Hymnal, as the primary source for its hymnody in the 21st century. The hymnal’s rich Christian tradition in both melody and lyric continues to inspire. Based on church season and in coordination with weekly scripture passages found in The Revised Common Lectionary, our hymn planning weaves the fabric of word and song together, allowing music and scripture to be unified within the weekly liturgy.

The First Church’s rich tradition of hymnody was further enhanced starting in June 2008. From that period, the hymns used in worship- whether known for many years or new to the congregation- were chosen in a sequence that did not repeat titles until nearly all possible resources in The Pilgrim Hymnal had first been exhausted. Furthering this project in recent years with inclusion of many cherished hymns “not” in the Pilgrim, our congregation has experienced 425 different hymns within its worship services, with 325 of these hymns coming from the Pilgrim Hymnal.  This expansion of hymn repertoire, and its rich theology through song, has enriched the worship service and encouraged bolder singing in both well-known and first-time hymns. The varied resources found in The Pilgrim Hymnal– with some vibrant, yet less common hymn tunes untouched for generations- have both surprised and inspired.

Consequently, as The Pilgrim Hymnal in its inception did not embrace much cross-denominational music outside of some particular influences from the Lutheran and Episcopal communion, the CCLI license (Christian Copyright License International) allows the occasional reproduction of standard hymns not found in The Pilgrim Hymnal, for congregational use. These hymns are drawn from sources such as The United Methodist HymnalHymns for the Family of GodThe Harvard Hymnal, and The New Century Hymnal (a more recent publication of the United Church of Christ).

As much as the music ministry has many ensembles that grace our worship services, the congregation remains at the center of hymnody at The First Church, and its hymnody remains a key element, worshipping in both word and song.

Past Repertoire

Our worship services enjoy a wide array of music interwoven into the fabric of the liturgy. From congregational song, to choral anthems and instrumental voluntary offerings: vibrant music supports our worship services, with the finest musical gifts our choirs and congregation can offer unto the Lord. Found in the links below, are listings of service music in worship, from previous seasons.

Service Music 2023-2024

Service Music 2022-2023

Service Music 2021-2022

Service Music 2020-2021

Service Music 2019-2020

Service Music 2018-2019

Service Music 2017-2018

Service Music 2016-2017

Service Music 2015-2016

Service Music 2014-2015

Pipe Organs

Anderson Memorial Pipe Organ

The first pipe organ in the current church building was a Jesse Woodberry three manual tubular-pneumatic instrument with a magnificent façade, whose pipes swooped under the north rose window; the side-playing console finding close proximity to the central pulpit in the grand Auditorium/Akron-style sanctuary.

It was common for many American churches from the mid-19th century through early 20th century to often replace an entire pipe organ, every generation or so. By the mid-1920’s, the late 19th century (then prototype) “modern” 1894 playing system and its patented register action (controlling the movement of the stops) began to fail and the need for a new pipe organ was met by the commission of a new instrument from the Austin Organ Company of Hartford, Connecticut.

Len Levasseur © 2019

​The Anderson Memorial Pipe Organ-Austin’s Opus 1406- was dedicated in 1926 and is the second pipe organ to be housed in the Sanctuary. The chancel was reconfigured at this time and the new console moved to the center of the north side of the Sanctuary. Its austere non-speaking pipe façade is concentrated in the center of the instrument, in front of the north rose window.

The three manual electro-pneumatic instrument’s enclosed divisions (speaking through wood grilles), are found to the left (Swell), right (enclosed Great and Choir), and far right (Solo) of the rose window. The unenclosed Great is found under the rose window, and the Pedal division splitting remaining space inside the wide expanse of the central organ case.

Len Levasseur © 2019

Under the guidance of Minister of Music Dr. Robin Dinda, FAGO (1989-99), a new Austin console was designed and installed for future expansion of the instrument with a new Solo division, additional prepared stops on other divisions, and a multi-level memory system. This state-of-the art console was dedicated in 1996 to the memory of Claudia Rae Young and serves the playing needs of the instrument well into the 21st century.

Under Dr. John Pagett, AAGO (1999-2006), a new 8′ Bourdon, 4′ Octave, 2′ Fifteenth, and IV Mixture was added to the Great division – replacing non-original upper-work additions to the Great from the 1970’s.

In late 2014, under Joseph R. Olefirowicz, CAGO (2008-present), and as a pillar of the “Ministry-Music-Mission” Capital Campaign, the Anderson Memorial Organ was removed from The First Church for a substantial restoration and tonal expansion. Austin Organs, Inc. of Hartford, CT (the organ’s original builder) returned the organ to its original 1926 specification using existing and vintage pipework, while judiciously adding upper-work to each division in the style and voicing of the instrument’s original era.

This magnificent instrument- donated through the generosity of the Anderson family in 1926, and carried on in vibrant stewardship of our 21st century congregation, provides a powerful music presence in worship services: leading hymns, accompanying choirs, and allowing ample color resources for organ literature of all periods. In addition to its fiery harmonic reeds, specialty color stops like the Swell Vox Humana, Choir Harp, Great Grand Diapason, and Solo Cor Anglais are signature voices on this Austin instrument. The restored three-manual instrument over six divisions includes a new floating Solo division, bringing the tonal resources of the organ to 60 ranks, and ca. 4,085 pipes.


Greene Memorial Pipe Organ

Chapel – Greene Memorial Pipe Organ

Dedicated to the loving memory of Jeremy & Shawn Greene in 2024: the organ was originally commissioned for the music department of San Francisco State University in California, and completed in 1976 by the Andover Organ Company of Lawrence, Massachusetts. After securing the organ for purchase in 2023, it was found that about 38% of the organ’s pipework was missing through neglect and likely students taking ‘souvenirs’. Consequently, the organ’s interior mechanics were in absolute pristine, like-new condition, with the exception of missing its encased electric ‘blower’. Greene Pipe Organ Company of Nashua, New Hampshire (no relation to the memorial family) and Organ Supply Industries in Erie, Pennsylvania reproduced all missing pipework in the construction style of the original (and extant) pipework, originally constructed by Laukhuff (8’ Gedeckt) and Stinkens (4’ Rohrflöte and 2’ Principal) in Germany and the Netherlands, respectively. 6 brass drawknobs total, allow independent bass or treble ‘draws’ of each stop, voiced in the style of the Neo-Baroque revival.

Photograph Roy Rumbaugh 2024

Photograph: Roy Rumbaugh 2024


The organ is designed to be transportable. Its walnut cornice top is lightweight and removable, with the option of taking out the four largest stopped wooden pipes (used as its pillars).
Large casters roll under most standard doorways and into elevators, leaving The First Church not only a fantastic liturgical instrument for its Shaw Chapel but also flexibility for future chamber and choral projects in the expansive 600 seat main Sanctuary, when needed. Walnut casework, mahogany pipework, along with boxwood and ebony keys round out the selection of fine woods used by master craftsman to construct this instrument.

Notable as well in this instrument with 56 manual keys and no pedal board, is the visual interest of its pipe layout. It is designed in a ‘Tierce’ layout, making interior mechanics quite complex, including a masterfully-unique ‘roller-board.’ It’s colorful painted panels have the inscription in Latin reading “Sing to the Lord a new song”  – May both these instruments continue to serve the Glory of God!


Service Music for 2023-2024

Service Music 2023-2024

Found in the link above, is the wide array of repertory offered in praise to God in our worship services, during our program year.  Nineteen centuries of music from the Christian tradition enhances our weekly worship, and allows our choirs to offer their finest gifts unto God.

The work of the ministries of the Chancel Choir, Decibells, First Folk, and First Schola is listed here. Not included in these listings is the repertory of the children’s and youth choirs: Chapel Chimers, Joyful Noise and Jubellation, and some services where professional and resident soloists offer their talents in our worship services.

Combined with listing our offerings of anthems and voluntaries, is the list of congregational song for worship, reflecting the rich hymnody found in our Christian tradition.  You may choose to write down any week’s selections of hymns and reflect on the text of the prayers lifted in song we sing each week. The rich use of language and melody strengthen our faith and our worship together.

Music is one aspect of the worship service where our congregation and choirs offer praise to God. Perhaps there is room in your schedule to join us. Further information about choirs is found on this website.  Soli Deo Gloria!

Choir Schedules 2023 – 2024

Chancel Choir
Chancel Choir meets regularly on Wednesdays (Sept. through beginning of June) at 6:45 – 8:30 PM for rehearsal.

CHANCEL(Rehearsals) 2023-2024
Chancel Choir in Worship 2023-2024

Chapel Chimers
Chapel Chimers meets regularly on Sundays (October through May) at 9:15 AM in the Chapel, prior to Sunday School and 10 AM Worship.

Chapel Chimers Rehearsals 2023-2024
Chapel Chimers in Worship 2023-2024

 Decibells meets regularly on Thursdays (Sept. through May) at 7:00 PM for rehearsal.

Decibells Rehearsals 2022-2023
Decibells in Worship 2022-2023

 Jubellation (Bell Choir)

Whether as a continuation from Chapel Chimers, or joining the music ministry at a later date, this bell choir is open to all children in Grades 4 through 8. Music-reading and rhythmic skills are developed and techniques in handbell ringing round out the musical experience in this beginning-levelbell choir. Jubellation meets at 11:20AM in the Balcom Room.This bell choir offers those who are interested in instrumental music, the chance to be part of Music at First.

Jubellation Rehearsals    Jubellation in Worship

First Folk
First Folk meets on a flexible rehearsal schedule, on Tuesdays (Sept. through May) at 6:00 PM

First Folk Rehearsals 2023-2024
First Folk in Worship 2023-2024​

First Schola
 First Schola participates in the 7:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship Service and participates in Sunday Worship several times a year.

First Schola Rehearsals 2023-2024
First Schola in Worship 2023-2024​

Tower Chime

Mary Park Nutt Memorial Tower Chime

A unique part of the rich music heritage of First Church is its Vanduzen & Tift Company memorial Tower Chime; calling the faithful to worship with its melodic voice for over 114 years. A generous $5000 donation in 1893 to First Church made the inclusion of this magnificent instrument possible in the “new building’s” majestic 118-foot high bell tower.  The Tower Chime was dedicated on June 28, 1894 to Mary Park Nutt; just 5 weeks after the inauguration of the magnificent Victorian church building, the 10th in First Church’s history.

The 15 bells of the chime are manually played from a mahogany and brass “plow handle” Clavier (keyboard) located one story above the main front entrance to the church. The smallest bell (high g) weighs a modest 300 pounds, and the largest (low C) weighs an imposing 5,600 pounds (2.8 tons).  10 of the tower’s 15 bells have a slightly longer history: the Vanduzen Company of Cincinnati had crafted 10 bells (in a C major scale – from C to e) for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Housed in the tower of Machinery Hall at the Fair, the award-winning bells needed a new home after the Fair was to close in October.

Vanduzen agreed to sell the bells to First Church in July of 1893. After the Fair closed, they returned to Cincinnati where the Tift Company cast 5 additional bells in 1894, (3 chromatic pitches and two upper bells) to extend the range to 1-1/2 octaves. Shortly after the Chime’s centennial, a thorough restoration of the bell playing system and further reinforcement of the bells’ oak support frame (through steel I-beams in the tower) was executed. The rededication of the restored chime took place in September 1998. Each Sunday before the 10 AM (or in the summer 9 AM) service and other special services- the Tower Chime is played live by a dedicated group of volunteer solo ringers, who can only hear the bells at the mechanical playing console through a small microphone amplifying the bells into the playing space.

Although a substantial amount of tower chimes were once found in bell towers across the United States, few extant (and functional) chimes are still playable solely from their original playing mechanism, not having their original grandeur diminished to either a small electronic keyboard to play the bells- or a completely automated system without the human touch.

A detailed description of the chime at the Columbian Exposition and the subsequent sale to First Church is recounted in the book: “Musical Instruments at the World’s Columbian Exposition”.

“In 2023, a re-casting of the 15 clappers of the entire chime, were produced from casting molds using the original clappers. The new clappers were installed in the summer of 2023, with the historic clappers left in storage at the church. The Verdin Company oversaw this work, which also included some updates for mechanical assists, making the lower bells’ clappers a little lighter to activate from the plow-handle Clavier.”

Music at First Team

The Music Ministry of The First Church is served by a dedicated professional and volunteer team, keeping one of the largest church music programs north of Boston making a joyful noise, and bringing the finest in sacred music to weekly worship, and music outreach to the region.