Noah’s Story and “Where in the church is Ms. Holly?”-it’s a game!
Noah’s Story with Ms. Holly: First and Second-graders, teachers and children of all ages-even decades, treat yourself to a visit to the classroom, the story of Noah’s Ark and some lessons and letters with Ms. Holly.

Check out our first “Where in the Church?” with Ms. Holly. Ms.Holly says, “Where am I in the church? You can join me. Where will I be next time? There’s upstairs, downstairs, there’s all sorts of places. Until next time…(this part’s a surprise so you have to watch if you want to know)…Remember you are special to all of us, God loves you! And have a good day friends.”
Please write to Ms. Holly and Ms. LeeAnne and let us know how you’re doing and what questions you’d like Ms. Holly to share in her next episode of “Where in the Church is Ms. Holly?”

Teachers I encourage you to be inspired and craft your own lesson to record and share. I am here to help however I can with lessons, curriculum, nuts and bolts and creative brainstorming. What do you want your students to know?
Let’s get grooving wonderful teachers, parents and children!

Parents-please don’t give away our surprise but Ms. Holly visits the chancel and chats with Mr. O at the organ in this episode. Mr. O teaches how the organ works with his fingers and toes ambidextrously love this word! In parting, Mr. O invites children to come see him at the organ after worship when we’re back together-and we are! For the time being, we are also still distancing and being careful at dismissal after worship. If your child wants to meet with Mr. O after worship, please email him in advance and make a plan to meet or ask one of the deacons to assist you in relaying a message to our Minister of Music.

Heartfelt thanks to Mr. O and Holly Columbus for taking time to teach and share with our children in this episode of, “Where in the Church is Ms. Holly?” Music and Christian Formation Ministries working together is indeed a blessing.
Remember, no matter who you are or whom you love, you are welcome here at First Church.