Highlights from the Week of
June 6, 2022

Rev. Andy arrives at Long Lake NY and has a rest day. Andy’s friend, Ron Kunz, joins him on the final stretch to Nashua, NH with lower mileage reflecting a combination of thunderstorms, mountain cycling and lodging availability.

  • Toughest climb in the entire trip over the Brandon Gap in VT.
  • Andy enters Vermont via the Lake Champlain ferry.
  • Andy meets Amy Williams, who works at the Tamarack Cafe in Inlet, NY. After great conversations, she called a friend whose lake house was empty that night. Carla, the homeowner, took Amy’s recommendation and was very pleased to help out a cyclist with a place to stay.
  • Meeting a cyclist taking a break. His name is David en route to Utah. He was having trouble navigating his trip because Google Maps can sometimes make poor suggestions for cyclists. I gave him my well used Adventure Cycling Maps and wished him a safe trip.
  • Picture of Andy with his cycling partner Rod Kunz who joined Andy in Ticonderoga, NY to complete his ride.

He continues to ride strong into the home stretch arriving back at The First Church on a rainy Thursday morning!

Day 19: May 31, 81 Miles – Fairport to Fulton, NY
Day 20: June 1, 48 Miles – Fulton to Redville, NY
Day 21: June 2, 46 Miles – Redville to Booneville, NY
Day 22: June 3, 51 Miles- Booneville to Raquette Lake, NY
Day 23: June 4, 29 Miles – Raquette Lake to Long Lake, NYDay 24: June 5 Rest
Day 25: June 6, 67 Miles – Long Lake to Ticonderoga, NY
Day 26: June 7, 84 Miles – Ticonderoga to White River Junction VT
Day 27: June 8, 58 Miles – White River Junction VT to Concord, NH
Day 28: June 9, 37 Miles – ARRIVED from Concord to Nashua NH

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