June 2, 2022

Rev. Andy continues strong on his Tower to Tower Ride from Nashua, IA to Nashua NH. Check out all the places he has ridden through, and the people he met along the way. His most recent reported location is Fairport, NY. Check out some highlights from this week!

  • Andy continues his cycling, meeting many more people along the way!
  • He met up with a cyclist named Jon O. who is on his on his way to Oregon. He has cycled over 80,000 in nine years!!
  • The large snapping turtle crawled out of the Erie Canal to get some sun.
  • Andy reached his former church, St. Matthews UCC in Hamburg, NY just south of Buffalo, in time for Sunday service on May 29th.
  • Andy stands with Amy Betros, who is founder of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy in East Buffalo, NY. They reminisced about the early days of the mission and how it is now thriving. As an example, they now serve 8500 meals a week and are planning to build another homeless shelter in the near future. Her love and service for the city’s most vulnerable has earned her the comparison to Mother Theresa.

Check out his mileage this week!

  • Day 15: May 27, 90 Miles – Ashuabula to Dunkirk
  • Day 16: May 28, 36 Miles – Dunkirk to Hamburg, NY
  • Day 17, May 29, 54 Miles – Hamburg to Medina, NY
  • Day 18, May 30, 67 Miles – Medina to Fairport, NY

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