Mission Trips-2023 LaRomana

Mission Trip to Collect Supplies & Summer Clothing.  The LaRomana Mission Trip needs donations of all kinds such as medical supplies, school and craft supplies (and a huge thank you to everyone who has given us those donations so far!).

The rural communities in the Dominican Republic are also in need of summer clothing.Needed are Infants, children and adults in sizes large or smaller. Shoes or sandals are needed too.

Going to Sunday worship services is an important part of the Dominican life where  church is a rather formal event. Men wear suits and ties each Sunday. The LaRomana leadership team made a special request for lightweight suits with ties. (sizes large or smaller). If any of the gentlemen in the congregation have a suit or two tucked in the back of their clothes closet, please bring those to the Mission Trip Table We have collected 4 suits so far, we hope to collect many more. If you have any questions about the LaRomana donations, please speak with anyone at the Mission Trip Table on Sunday..