Kathleen McGowan’s dynamic publishing career began with the debut of her novel, The Expected Oneon the New York Times bestseller list in the summer of 2006.  Ms. McGowan’s unique style of “historical esoteric fiction” combines unprecedented research with inspired storytelling, causing publisher Simon and Schuster to declare that Kathleen had “created her own genre.” Kathleen McGowan’s first non-fiction work, The Source of Miracles, is a handbook about prayer and spiritual practice which has was chosen by Oprah.  Kathleen McGowan is a regular contributor to the History Channel, appearing on the hit series Ancient Aliens.  Kathleen has also been featured in the new (Fall 2013) series  “Bible Secrets Revealed” with Elaine Pagels, James Tabor and Bart Ehrman.

Some other books written by Kathleen McGowan

The Poet Prince
The Source of Miracles: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Life Through the Lord’s Prayer
The Book of Love